A face mask infused with a detox treatment with an instantaneous effect which frees and purifies the skin from polluting agents, smog, fine dusts, smoke and toxins.

Rich in soothing, regulating and moisturizing and expertly balanced active ingredients, it revitalizing dull and opaque skin.

Thanks to its powerful sebum-normalizing action, the results are immediately visible and prolonged in time, the skin looks more radiant and the texture is refined.

The treatment is recommended once or twice a week.

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Practical to use, immediate results and without rinsing

Active Ingredients

Activated Vegetable Carbon
It purifies facial skin in depth of harmful agents, effectively freeing it from toxins, environmental smog and polluting substances.

PureOlea Vita
An innovative active ingredients capable of protecting the cells from oxidative and inflammatory states. A concentrate of polyphenols extracted from olive oil, which has a significant detoxing, anti-inflammatory and soothing action.

Purifying Bio-Regulator
It has a rapid sebum-normalizing action, regulates excessive sebaceous secretion and tightens open pores.

Cucumber Extract
A natural active ingredients with an exceptional astringent and sebum-regulating effect.

Peppermint Flower Water
A plant extract with well-known soothing and antiseptic properties.

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