Created to continue the Swiss Pedicure System treatment at home, this cream is perfect for the everyday care of your feet, thanks to its complex of Vegetal extracts and Urea, which has an intense nourishing and moisturising action.

It has an effective anti-fatigue action and helps prevent the formation of bacteria, keeping your feet always healthy and beautiful.

When used regularly, it prevents the formation of calluses and fissures, and helps maintain the skin of your feet soft and elastic.

Penetrates easily and is not greasy. For better results, avoid using pumice or rasps at home.

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Active Ingredients

Vegetal Lipids and Softeners
Retain water and release it into the skin, re-establishing the proper functioning of the epidermic layer. Nourish the skin, making it soft and elastic.

Vitamin E
Important anti-oxidant, anti-ageing action.

Natural moisturising factor that improves the skin’s ability to bind to water. Ensures prolonged hydration and reduces skin tension.

Essential Eucalyptus Oil
Toning action, has particular stimulating properties on the circulatory system.

Essential Lavender Oil
Bacteriostatic and refreshing.

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