Specifically studied for foot skin, this innovative nourishing and soothing peeling alleviates and polishes immediately even the driest skins.

Salt Crystals have a highly exfoliating power that reduces the thickenings and makes the skin splendid again, with a surprisingly velvet effect.

The Gentian prevents excessive transpiration, calms, alleviates and deodorizes.

The foot finds again all its purity, the skin appears oxygenated and extremely smooth.

A real purification ritual that gives a deep sensation of well-being.

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Active Ingredients

Salt Crystals 
Dissolved in water they help to reduce the sensation of swollenness and soreness due to their extraordinary draining effect. They refresh, invigorate and disinfect the foot, granting an immediate relax and well-being.

It roots contain bitter glycosides, alcaloids, yellow pigments, pectine and essential oils. The Gentian has great anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties and an important soothing action for sensitive and irritated skin, the deodorizing action prevents an excessive transpiration.


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