All the velvety softness of Alpine Rose and the extraordinary repairing, moisturizing and anti-stress properties of this marvellous flower in an exceptional cream.

It offers an extraordinary sensory experience through its comfortable texture and very delicate fragrance.

It has a rich consistency and at the same time this cream is rapidly absorbed for hands at last free from dryness and unsightly chapping.

A concentrate of well-being that significantly increases the skin’s moisturization and keeps it high for 24 hours*.

It nourishes and protects from all external aggression (wind, cold, UV rays) and helps reinforce the hydrolipid barrier.

* Effectiveness proven by a dermatological clinical trial

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Active Ingredients


This extract of Swiss Alpine Rose:
- Increases the vitality of the skin’s stem cells.
- Increases the skin’s regeneration.
- Improves the barrier function.
- Helps the skin fight environmental stress (wind, cold, UV rays).

A natural moisturizing factor that improves the skin’s capacity to bind water. It guarantees prolonged moisturization in time and reduces skin tension.

Vitamin E
A powerful antioxidant and anti-ageing ingredient.

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