Soothing, easily absorbed cream formulated with a synergistic phytocomplex of highly concentrated plant extracts of medicinal plants and herbs.

Containing Calendula mother tincture and extracts of Chamomile, Aloe, Mallow and St. John’s Wort, plants that have always been used as cosmetic adjuvants in case of reddening and irritations due to external agents, itching, allergies, dermatitis, as well as post-depilatory and post-shaving reddening.


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Its fresh, soothing and calming effect provides immediate relief and restores well-being to sensitive, dry and delicate skin. It deeply nourishes and provides a wonderful feeling of softness, restoring all of the skin’s natural freshness and elasticity.

Calendula Cream is a cosmetic product consisting of 98% natural ingredients and does not contain artificial fragrances. Its pleasant scent exclusively derives from plant extracts and essential oils. It absorbs quickly, does not leave residues and optimally moisturises skin.

To increase phytotherapeutic effectiveness, Calendula Cream uses a biomimetic lamellar emulsion that includes both the water-soluble extract and the oily extract of Calendula and Chamomile.

This pharmaceutical technology, used for the release of therapeutic substances, allows the active ingredients contained in the plant extracts to be delivered gradually and continuously, thus increasing their functional effectiveness.


By on  09 Dec. 2020 (CALENDULA CREAM) :


Ormai si sa conviviamo con le mascherine, che siano chirurgiche o in tessuto mi lasciavano degli spiacevoli arrossamenti cutanei e rendevano la mia pelle molto secca e disidratata. Poi ho scoperto Calendula Cream e me ne sono innamorata!
Ottimo anche per rapporto qualità/prezzo!!