Refreshing, re-energising and revitalising cream formulated with a synergistic phyto-complex of highly concentrated plant extracts of medicinal plants and herbs.

Containing mother tinctures of Gotu Kola and Red Vine and extracts of Horse Chestnut, Butcher’s Broom and Blueberry, plants that have always been used as cosmetic adjuvants in case of tired legs, heaviness around the lower limbs, varicose veins, swollen feet, oedema, cramps and sore ankles.



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With a pleasantly refreshing and relaxing effect, Tired Legs Cream gives a feeling of lightness to the legs, stimulates venous circulation, increases capillary resistance, relieves the feeling of tiredness. The skin gains natural elasticity and softness, giving feet and legs a wonderful new sensation of freshness, lightness and deep wellbeing.

Tired Legs Cream is a cosmetic product consisting of 98% natural ingredients and does not contain artificial fragrances. Its pleasant scent exclusively derives from plant extracts and essential oils.

It absorbs quickly, does not leave residues and optimally moisturises skin.

To increase phytotherapeutic efficacy, Tired Legs Cream uses a biomimetic lamellar emulsion, a pharmaceutical technology used for the release of therapeutic substances that allows the active ingredients contained in plant extracts to be effectively delivered gradually and continuously, thus increasing their functional effectiveness.

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