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Entra in un mondo perfetto
dove la magnificenza della natura
si fonde con la precisione della scienza

Step into a perfect world where
the magnificence of nature joins
the precision of science.

Tauchen Sie ein in eine perfekte Welt,
in der die Pracht der Natur mit der Präzision
der Wissenschaft verschmilzt

Entrez dans un monde parfait
où la magnificence de la nature se fond
avec la précision de la science.




Our story

This story would not begin without the nature of the Swiss Alps, its well-kept mountains, its flowering fields, its pure and unspoilt resources. And without the love and passion for medicinal herbs and phytotherapy of Katia Palagano and Emanuele Avai, who with over 30 years of experience in the world of professional cosmetics, in 2009 anticipating the need for increasingly natural and environmentally friendly cosmetic products founded Mavex SA in Lamone, Switzerland. The adventure began with a refined foot spa treatment with Alpine Herbs and Salt Crystals from the Swiss Alps, which immediately opened the doors of the best spas around the world to the Mavex Switzerland brand.  After a short time followed the launch of a real technological innovation that revolutionized the world of professional pedicure: the CALLUSPEELING treatment, which, despite countless attempts of copying it, after more than 10 years of undisputed success remains the uncontested leader in the world. Strong of the success obtained with the first products and understood that the need for naturalness associated with high performance and high-end products was the right way, new professional lines were developed, face and body.




Highly effective professional products and treatments able to give high level results, true sensory emotions designed for the most demanding customers. In the wake of an undisputed success, in a few years the brand has grown exponentially. Mavex products are used today by beauty centers and spas of the best hotels around the world, a clear sign of the undisputed success of a strong and innovative brand that has been able to stand out above all for quality and innovation, and the numerous awards and recognitions received internationally are proof of this.


A beautiful story. Be part of it.

Research and Development

The heart and pride of Mavex is our modern Research and Development Laboratory, equipped with the latest equipment and staff with a degree in scientific disciplines with long experience in pharmaceutical, cosmetic and phytotherapy research. This allows us to create products with high added value that go far beyond mere cosmetics. Each cream developed in the laboratory by our specialists is in fact unique and contains within it a very precious formula resulting from the application of innovative cosmetic technologies and precious and exclusive phytocomplexes based on medicinal herbs and alpine plants from our botanical garden. 




Every single formula, before turning into a cosmetic, undergoes a long series of analyses and strict controls to verify its compatibility with the packaging, its stability over time and, above all, that it meets all the safety criteria required by current regulations. Thanks to sophisticated laboratory equipment, the development specialists subject the products to mechanical stress, thermal shock, premature ageing, chemical stability, microbiological aggression, and only after 6 months of tests if the tests are successful will the formula be validated. Then dermatological tests are carried out in collaboration with universities: microbiological analysis, irritation tests, preservative system tests, heavy metal analysis and efficacy tests, in order to support product claims with validated tests.







The data and tests carried out are collected into a PIF (Product Information File),  a technical dossier which is completed with the safety data sheets of each raw material used and the safety assessment drawn up by a specialist in pharmacological sciences within Mavex in accordance with Regulation (EC) No. 1223/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 30 November 2009 on cosmetic products, which is also implemented by Switzerland.  The PIF is also notified to the CPNP portal of the European Community in Brussels, where it can be consulted in case of need by the competent authorities of all European countries. Only at this point the formula passes to the production department, where it will be transformed into a cosmetic product of excellence. On average, the time needed to refine and perfect a new formula requires 1 to 3 years of assiduous laboratory work.


Every product born in Mavex is a love story.


We employ highly specialized personnel in a modern production infrastructure equipped with state-of-the-art production equipments organized in compliance with the strict international standards of good manufacturing practice UNI EN ISO 22716 GMP.




The departments are organized in distinct areas with separate accesses that guarantee the maintenance of high standards of hygiene and cleanliness. The flows of goods and processes are standardized and documented by special records that always guarantee the traceability of every single production batch.  As part of our continuous improvement policies, we regularly organize specific training courses, both internal and external, for our personnel. The packaging machines are automated and equipped with electronic control systems that constantly monitor production quality. Special automation systems developed on our project allow us to realize products without any limit for the type of packaging.






Our cosmetics are produced using pure mountain water that gushes out in the vicinity of our production plant. A modern demineralization plant provides further purification and disinfection before it enters the production department. Regular monitoring and continuous microbiological analyses always ensure the highest quality of our water. At Mavex we care about respect for ecosystems: we only produce products that respect the skin, nature, the environment and animals. Possibly we use natural organic ingredients from renewable and eco-sustainable sources. Our formulas are always particularly pure: we don't use microplastics, petrolatums, silicones, mineral oils, paraffins, glycol propylene, formaldehyde, animal derivatives, SLES, SLS, parabens.






Our production systems implement standards and procedures for pollution prevention and environmental protection, while protecting the health and safety of employees. In this way we guarantee that the entire process involving the creation, production and packaging of Mavex lines is carried out in an eco-sustainable way.


Mavex, Swiss Quality and love for nature.